Great Moments In Customer Service Pt. XCII: InstallShield Is Hard

SOE’s kind of busy with launching DC Online and all, so could you just uninstall the beta manually yourself? And come in on Saturday? Yeah, that’d be great. (GoogleCache due to DCO beta forums being taken down.)

I’m sure you all realize that the focus of the development staff is currently going to be bmaking the game as awesome as possible for the retail release. The broken uninstaller is a forgivable and understandable over-sight.

Response from the Internet

If a user has to hand-delete every file associated with your product, including digging through their registry, that is bad and your programmers should feel bad.

Search Terms, 2010 Edition

For those of you just joining us: I love search terms (things people search for on Google that bring them to this site). It’s like a window into the collective gestalt. A very scary window. With teeth. Here:

People With Long Memories

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tseric meltdown
blizzard takes mark jacobs lunch
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People With A Whole Lotta Nerd Rage

zam forums fanboys final fantasy xiv
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who made this guy leader wh40k
on my gaming addiction + matt firor
world of warcraft losing subscribers
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rom stop gold farming!
people play apb?
rupert murdoch the antichrist

People Doing Market Research At The Last Minute

blizzard production schedule
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mmorpg breaks thousand subscribers
when did wow achievements exist?
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how to make a pvp game
industry analysis how many toys are being

People Doing Due Diligence On Scott Hartsman

scott hartsman bio
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People Who Still Are Very Creepily Obsessed With A Certain Female Producer

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People Who Just Are Really Lazy

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does free realms have raiding
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People Who Think They Are Mr. Leet Haxor

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People Who Think This Blog Is Only About Second Life

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People Who Use Google Instead Of Tech Support

easylist gets rid of imvu ads
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People Who Really Want Warcraft Porn

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What The Hell I Don’t Even Know

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Oh God I Don’t Want To Know

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Second Kinect

I have to agree with W. James Authis is pretty big. Possibly gamechanging.


If you look at that and think to yourself “um, that sucks, why would I care?” — it’s not for you. It’s for the people who think MMOs, virtual worlds, and hell, even home computers are the realm of the terminally dorky – but have consoles.

Again – this has the potential to be *really*, *really* big.

(Especially once someone hacks it to be R-rated…)

You Probably Also Should Rethink The Blogging Thing, Too

Jeff Vogel, indie RPG maker, says reading your own forums is a bad idea.

This is why big, smart companies with actual budgets hire community people who do nothing but deal with and sift through forums. Managing fans is real work, and picking out the realistic and worthwhile comments takes a ton of time and judgment. That is why smart companies put a layer between the fans and the creators. If you don’t have this layer, you should keep a safe, respectful distance.

It’s a pity. My company, Spiderweb Software, has a really awesome, active online forum. Been there for years. Always active, full of all sorts of discussions. However, unless I’ve just released a game and are looking for signs of early, evil bugs, I have to stay away from it.

Some of my fans really resent this and take it personally, and they haven’t been shy about letting me know. But if you’ve ever wondered why the creators of your beloved games often avoid the forums (especially the Word of Warcraft forums, Yeesh!), this might help you to understand why.