It’s Integral

The Illiberal Right Throws a Tantrum – The Atlantic

I’m seeing a word more and more pop up in the screeds of the right-wing thinkers trying to come up with an ideological justification for that which cannot be justified (Trump’s ego-driven regime) – “integralism”. Or, in language not married to the 19th century, religious rule over the state.

How anyone could come up with this as a justification for the rule of a reflexively dishonest and only minimally monogamous leader serves to describe how empty the “rad-trad” wing of the far right truly is.

As best I can determine from the writings of the rad-trad’s current bête noire, the NY Post’s Sohrab Ahmari, the objective is to “own the libs” so much they give up and… die? go meekly into camps? convert?

The end game is helpfully unclear.

It’s Not Corruption If Everyone Does It

Top Streamers Said to Earn $50,000 Per Hour Playing New Games – Kotaku

When I wrote my gaming blog in the far mists of prehistory (1998-2001) and it became popular, I started flying out to game companies to do developer interviews. I paid my own way out of pocket, because I just assumed that was the correct thing to do.

Yeah. About that. (In case it’s not clear, that $50k/hr is direct payola from companies with games being shown.)

So, There’s an Election Next Year, Did You Hear?

Live coverage: Super Tuesday primary election results

My take on the state of play for the Dem. nomination (get used to a lot of these!) in order of the latest polling.

Biden: “officially launched his campaign” this weekend, which is effectively meaningless in this day and age. Has what seems like a prohibitive edge in the polls (far above what Donald Trump polled in a similarly clown car primary scrum) but a lot of people seem to forget that Joe Biden is… not that good at this. His style is retail politics and pressing the flesh and I suspect the first gaffe he makes will utterly destroy his candidacy because he won’t be able to recover. And it being Biden, he’ll make more than one.

Sanders: someone pulled up footage of his honeymoon in the Soviet Union in the 80s, and the New York Times ambushed him in a phone interview with pro-Sandinista comments he made around the same time. For the DSA crowd who already wear “Venceremos!” buttons this isn’t exactly a disqualification (of course few people know what an ogre Ortega eventually turned into, but remarkably that didn’t come up much) Still believe he’s the actual front runner once the wind goes out of Biden’s sails, but this shows that attacking Sanders from the right will happen quite a bit (and if you think it’s bad now, imagine the GOP during a general election campaign)

Warren: whomever in her campaign came up with posting detailed policy proposals to Medium first thing in the morning is a genius, and getting out ahead on the attempts to overturn Roe v. Wade is politically sound. Still very much a serious contender, now more than last month. (But bear in mind even at 3rd, she’s still at single digits in polling. That’s what happens with 22 candidates.)

Harris: Biden stole her “candidate of the moderate establishment” mantle and she’s done little since to make up for lost time. Not looking good.

Buttigieg: had a great day on Fox News where he literally got a standing ovation. The media love him, he pretty clearly is Obama 2.0 in terms of demeanor (and policy, for that matter). However, Obama was, shall we say, a touch better at attracting the black vote. With Mayor Pete literally polling at 0% among African-Americans in the South Carolina primary this is campaign-ending if not fixed and fast.

Beto: Just stop.

Everyone else: Not a factor.

deBlasio: Beto makes him look serious.

Libertarian(s) Against Trump

Rep. Justin Amash Says Trump Should Be Impeached – The Washington Post

Libertarians have gotten a bad rap of late, justifiably. I know, I used to be one! I thought that was the ideal, you know, let everyone do what they want and stuff works out. Well, stuff is not working out, and you may have noticed this.

Also, you may have noticed on the right wing of the electoral spectrum there was this reality TV star that demanded everyone pay homage, and sadly many libertarians have fallen sway to that, even coming up with “libertarian MAGA blogs”. I hope they’re just doing this to get attention from the ruling party and get in on the grift.

Justin Amash is not getting in on the grift. You may disagree with him (in many instances, you SHOULD disagree with him) but he has absolutely, always, 100%, been honest about his convictions. I follow him on FB and he explains every vote he takes to his followers and constituents, almost like it’s his job to do so or something.

So this… doesn’t really surprise me at all. It’s an honest libertarian conservative, saying enough is enough.

Corruption With Chinese Characteristics

China’s New Video Game Rules Officially Ban Blood, Corpses, Mahjong, and Poker – Gizmodo

Welcome to the latest iterations of “reasons the Ministry of Culture rejected your publishing application”.

They’re all a joke. These are literally reasons to come up with after the fact to ban almost every video game extant (and if you somehow make one without breaking these rules, have no fear, your game will still be held up in review in perpetuity.)

China pretends to be “socialism with Chinese characteristics”. Unless a “Chinese characteristic” is lying your ass off, this is actually completely false. China is the most dystopian example possible of state capitalism run rampant; where the only way to run a successful company is to have enough “guanxi” (clout) to run the gauntlet of regulation (read: ignore it completely) and smugly run your business in a captive market that you literally paid for.

And no worries if anyone complains. China is leading the globe in dissent suppression systems. Facial recognition is spilling over to the West now – it’s been a keystone of Chinese monitoring for the past decade. The Chinese version of a credit score includes things like taking up two seats on a train or spitting on a sidewalk.

And woebetide you if you are religious. China has a Muslim minority in the far Western part of the country. Most of them are in work camps now (this is not a joke or an exaggeration, it is simple fact) being taught “patriotic Islam” (don’t grow a beard, don’t pray too often, be ready to recite Xi Jinping quotes on command)

Dystopia already exists. We just haven’t caught up yet.