Top Ten Games Of This Awful Decade

Ranked mostly by my playtime therein. Thanks, Steam stats!

10: Hearthstone

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9: Disco Elysium

First Look at The Boys Season 2, Disco Elysium TV Series, and more!

8: Total War: Warhammer series

The WARHAMMER II Key Art Poster - Total War

7: Star Traders: Frontiers

Star Traders: Frontiers Box Art - Album on Imgur

6: Hearts of Iron series

Hearts of Iron IV (2016) box cover art - MobyGames

5: XCom 2

New XCOM cover art is creepy : r/gaming

4: Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program: Enhanced Edition (2018) Xbox One box cover art -  MobyGames

3: Final Fantasy XIV Online

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

2: Stellaris

Stellaris | Paradox interactive, Strategy games, Gaming pc

1: Europa Universalis IV

Europa Universalis IV (2019) Windows Apps box cover art - MobyGames

If games out before 2010 were included, Lord of the Rings Online would rank highly (it’s become my default dork-around-aimlessly MMO just from the sheer amount of high-quality tourism and is more solo-oriented – at least for me – than FF14) as would Sword of the Stars 1, which was my go-to paint the space map my color game before Stellaris replaced it.

“That’s Capitalism!”

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The schedule this week:

Cyber Monday: when you buy all the things you told yourself you weren’t buying Black Friday

Giving Tuesday: when your local NPR station guilt trips you every 5 minutes into donating some money

Wacky Wednesday: when you find out that today you have to buy clothes for Parent Trap-era Lindsay Lohan, look, we don’t make the rules

Thunderous Thursday: when you have to empty your pockets and give everything you have left to your local mead hall, those woad raiders aren’t going to find victuals themselves

Ferocious Friday: look, just spend some damn money

Serious Saturday: why are you in so much debt? please reconsider your lifestyle choices

Top Ten Movies of This Awful Decade

10: Parasite

Print Wall PARASITE KOREA MOVIE POSTER Digital Art by Lestari Tedjo
With time, this will probably move higher

9: Her

Her - Movie Poster | Movie posters minimalist, Movie posters, Alternative movie  posters
The best movie on parasocial relationships.

8: Guardians of the Galaxy series POSTER STOP ONLINE Guardians of The Galaxy - Movie 24x36 Poster:  Posters & Prints

7: Looper LOOPER MOVIE POSTER 1 Sided ORIGINAL Advance 27x40 JOSEPH  GORDON-LEVITT BRUCE WILLIS: Prints: Posters & Prints
I loved this movie, fight me

6: Mad Max – Fury Road

Mad Max Fury Road Movie Poster " Greeting Card by ABrokeUniKid | Redbubble

and I don’t even LIKE horror movies

4: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) - IMDb
great movie, stunning animation, incredible art direction

3: Inception

Inception (2010) - IMDb
A hell of a ride. We have to go deeper.

2: Interstellar

Interstellar (2014) - IMDb
who knew a movie about climate change and betrayal could be so inspirational

1: Blade Runner 2049 BLADE RUNNER 2049 MOVIE POSTER 2 Sided ORIGINAL 27x40 RYAN  GOSLING RIDLEY SCOTT: Posters & Prints
a masterpiece that informs the original

Reading this I think you can take away I like spectacles usually created by Christopher Nolan. It’s a fair cop.

L’Affaire Zelensky

Trump Kentucky rally: Rand Paul calls for whistleblower to be outed - Vox

Most likely the media (or at least the right-wing media) will start obsessing over the identity of the initial whistleblower in the Zelensky case – Rand Paul tweeted a link to one of the first articles discussing it last night. Go find it if you want, it’s not that difficult and I’m sure Trump will tweet it sometime today in any event to distract from the shellacking the GOP took in KY and VA.

It’s not important (except for he and his family personally, obviously – having a vengeful Donald Trump out for your blood was merely a joke when he was a bad reality TV star, but a bit more dangerous when that bad reality TV star has compliant arms of the federal government as his “employees” – his wording), save for the reaction from the GOP. You see, their entire attack vector to dismiss the whistleblower as a reliable witness (ignoring for the fact his story has been backed up by multiple witness and Trump’s own braggadocio) is that he worked for the NSC under the Obama administration.

That’s it. That’s really it. He worked for the Obama-era NSC, so he is tainted. Complicit. Corrupt. Unpatriotic. To quote alleged Representative Louie Gohmert:

“He’s a very staunch Democrat who was supposed to be a point person on Ukraine, during the time when Ukraine was its most corrupt, and he didn’t blow any whistles on their corruption.”

To quote fellow staunch Democrat Luke Skywalker, “Impressive. Every word in that sentence was wrong.” Aside from Poroshenko-era Ukraine, what Gohmert is presumably referring to, not being “at its most corrupt” (that award would go to Putin ally and Manafort client Viktor Yanukovych, who was so amazingly corrupt he had a private zoo full of ostriches), Gohmert’s labelling of the analyst/whistleblower as a “staunch Democrat” is… because he worked for the Obama administration. That’s it. He then was held over during the Trump administration (because no one of any stature in national security would work for him) where he proceeded to express misgivings about Trump’s Russia policy (I. cannot. even. begin. to. fathom. why.)

But that’s the key takeaway here, and it’s one the Atlantic’s Adam Serwer, who previously wrote a key essay on Trumpian psychology, “The Cruelty Is The Point“, notes well. For the Republican party today, they are the only Real Americans. They are the only party worthy of holding power. Anyone not a Republican is illegitimate – not because of anything they may have done, but simply because they are not a part of the party of power.

The two party system in America is dead. The Republican party must either reform itself, or it will either be tossed on the ash heap of history or seize complete power and destroy our republic.

This is not an exaggeration. This is simple fact. The question remains – what to do next?

A Note From Your Author, The Hypocrite

2019: where I stop complaining about late-stage capitalism and its effects on gig workers long enough to have a coffee maker delivered to my doorstep same-day delivery thanks to a three-way conversation via IM so that family members won’t miss their caffeine ration tomorrow morning.