This was posted to our gimped message board topic on sig graphics. I had to post it here on the front page. I was compelled to. You’ll understand why. (Note that the >_< =^.^= etc are Japanese versions of 🙂 smileys. The Japanese even do smileys better. It scares me.)

picture name is VERY important for messages… !! they tell many that person is of PERSONALITY and INTREST

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UO is -=\\LOVE//=-


Received this comment on the anti-harvesting measures:It’s not that you can map the spawn down to the /loc.   It’s problems other then that seem to be causing this new “policy change” The fact is it’s not aimed at camping but at “Higher Level” players camping outside of thier “pre-built zones.”  It’s another case of Verant saying “you will play our way, or no way at all.  It’s our world afterall.” Verant should look at itself for the blame for the level of high level players camping low level spawns.  It’s a chain reaction they started. Timeline :

  1. Plane of Fear (POF) Opens.
  2. High Level players flood POF and start to have fun.  (although it’s a *tad* monty haulish)
  3. POF is rebalanced to the point of being impossible.  Large portion of the higher level playerbase quits.
  4. Bored high levels start twinking low level characters since they have nothing to look forward to.
  5. Without POF High Levels have a *large* choice of dungeons to fight in…. Guk B or Sol B.
  6. Both zones become overcrowded as more people get to higher levels every day (it’s pretty much inevitable if you keep playing).
  7. This causes more boredom amoung the high level players and even more twinking (bringing a need for some lower level camping to get the items to twink with)
  8. Low level players become upset over the higher level players taking over their spawns (even though higher levels have little else to do)
  9. Verant chooses to address this issue not by expanding high level zones and taking the higher levels out of the low levels zones by attracting them elsewhere but instead threatening to ban those who choose not to play the game the way it has been decreed.


Got this email:

Hiya, love the site. Now that the customary amount of viewer/webmaster butt-kissing has been exchanged…

Some folks over the past few days have been confused by a sudden, relatively jarring, addition to the Laws of the Land concerning camping at spawn points, starting with a GM enforcing afore mentioned rules *before anyone ever told people what the new rule was*, or even a listing of the change anywhere (God forbid the offical site).

24 hours and a few cryptic, scattered postings later, finally we get a clear response from Brad.

He confirmed the new rules (“Yield rule”, as some have called it), but also confirmed it hasn’t been offically announced or endorsed yet. Seems a certain Guide or GM started jumping the gun and having their own noose parties.

Now the law enforcement arm of Verant is in a sudden backpeddle, absolutely avoiding enforcing anything of this nature untill the brain-section tell them it’s ok. I love this game…


And, from Brad McQuaid on alt.games.everquest as reported on numerous EQ news sites:

GMs are now warning High level people (40+) that are camping for Jboots, that they are exploiting. The camp is for lower levels and if multiple groups of people are all seeking the Jboots and the High levels are takeing all the kills, they will be warned, and banned. Also If you argue with a GM on any thing, they will quickly give you a warning and mark your account record. If you get three such warnings you will be banned for 7 Days.

The public should be aware that there is a Huge (although it seems a bit harsh) crack down on any warning.

There is no discussion, no reprise. Your banned and locked out of account. They also do not refund your money for the banned period.

This is true.

We are implementing a new policy.

If a higher level player who would get no exp for the kill is camping a spawn, and a group of players that would get exp (meaning they should be there) wants to fight there, the higher level player must yield. The lower level group has the right of way.This happens thousands of times each day. Check any named mob and you’ll see a high level person there camping. They’re everywhere. What, are you going to ban everybody? No, I think not. This doesn’t solve anything. The farming will continue. Even if you do try to enforce this, named mobs are camped 24/7 practicly, whether the mob gives exp or not so you’re telling any high levelers who just want to get an item to use (not farm) to fuck off and buy it. That’ll make your customers happy. And besides GMs usually take an hour or two to answer a petition (if they answer at all) and by then it’s too late.

Yes, I am telling high levelers who are camping a mob that is too easy for them AND interfering with those who belong there who want the item to move on and buy/trade for it, or to come back when a properly leveled group is not there. And while it may make some bottom feeders unhappy, I strongly believe it will make many more adventurers happy.

I understand that GMs often cannot help right away, and that this new rule will is not some wonderful sweeping solution. But I think it will help and is worth doing.

I need to clarify some additional things about this new rule.

First, we didn’t officially announce it yet. Apparently, there was some confusion and a guide or GM enforced it or talked about it, and hence there was a post on EQVault about it. I’ve confirmed this and explained the details because I didn’t want any false or half-truths floating about. An official posting will be made soon, and everquest.com will be updated.

Second, there will probably be an exception made for no drop/trade/lore type items which could not be traded for or bought by a higher level player.

In any case, the Yield rule is coming, but don’t expect it to be actively enforced until we officially announce it.

How do you “inactively enforce” a rule? Stare sternly at the evildoers?

Of course, camping wouldn’t exist if NPC spawn in EQ wasn’t able to be plotted to the /LOC point. But that would take effort. Better to just punish people. While you’re at it, are all those folks in rubicite going to have it taken away from them?

Further reports from the Land of Norrath as those who are still there check in.


Brimstone writes in:

Before I say anything, I love your site. I love the content, the bitching and moaning, the cut and dry stance you take on issues, and so much more. With that said… how DARE you make fun of that signature that Sunsword is showing off! I am the artist, and make logos for ‘geeky UO players who like having a signature for forums’. So, as much as I love you, man… EAT SHIT!!

See, I feel much better now. (I know, I just opened myself up to a can of lum-whoop-ass)

Glad I could help.



Fool, head fool of Gamehut and presumably the only sysadmin Dr. TwisTer doesn’t advocate using exploits on, writes:

Hey lum, we are moving the whole Gamehut server over to a shared OC3 (Was on a shared DS3) line to give you access to drtwister.com even faster then before! Feel better?

Hopefully Ron can quit humping a tree now. (We’ll refrain from commenting about basic migration plans that avoid multi-day service outages.)