Got this from Mushashi, charter member of the Lum Entourage…

Damn Lum, he really nailed you. Being interviewed on Stratics is sure going to mess up ChubChub’s gameplay. Of course, he’s probably penalty boxed and so the only thing he does currently is beat off to articles about actually playing UO. Cheer up ChubChub! Soon you’ll be back, spending your 10 bucks to support those guys who have been screwing you for 2 years. That’ll show them.

Come on Lum, I bet you even get GM twinks! Hell, you had GM Gabriel’s pic up there! What a great stunt to earn the love of one of UO’s red-robed heroes. I just can’t understand why I never got preferential treatment from my pet GM even after plugging him many times with those immortal words, “FUCK YOU DATURA!” (Any GM’s who wish to give me free stuff please make sure it’s in demand on eBay.)

Uh, how well does being a sellout pay? Stratics might be mirroring some of my crap, so I want to figure out how much blow I should be asking for before they read my profane rants and kick me out of my cushy brown-nosing position.

Congrats on your celebrity status. I’ll be watching with interest and admiration while trying to figure out how to steal it for myself.


Just got this from someone often banned from our message board:

Not only have your rants gone down hill but now it seems your a big fucking sellout. Hell you even made it on startics about being the “star” guest interview. I got an idea Why not just get down on your knees and blow these people while your at it. I mean they have been fucking us in the ass for about 2 years now. But you seem about the type of person to do anything to get in “good” with osi. Remember your elist comments about smurfs? Well your there pally, right there on your high horse, with shit all over your nose. What kinda of a loser actually makes an effort to go to these player meetings? I see you right next to chuck in the prozac line. You suck Lum face it. Look at what you have become, a sellout.

ChubChub Mookey

Normally I’d just let my entourage beat you up Puff Daddy style, but I think I’ll climb down from my ivory tower to answer this one.

I’m not “in good” with OSI. I’m not even “in-different” with OSI. In fact I’m told some of them even tried to get xrgaming.net to shut this site down. But that’s not important, I don’t feel the need to prove “street cred” or somehow assert my non-ass-kissing-ness to every J. Random Punk off Twister’s message bases. The fact of the matter is, you as well as every other swinging appendage in the universe can judge for yourself whether or not this site meets your personal criteria for independence, wit and poo-slinging. And you know what? If you think I’m full of shit, nothing is stopping you from doing it better. Web space is cheap (free if you can deal with ad banners). Go forth and do better, or just sit quietly in your corner and bitch a lot. Your choice.

As for whether or not my driving for a few hours to make fun of the Dev team qualifies as “sucking”, up or otherwise, well, I never claimed to be not ate up with it. I mean, I do a web site. That pretty much defines being ate up with it. And these things make for great source material. But again, if ya don’t like it, ya don’t gotta read it. Bye now. Y’all come back real soon, y’hear?