Top Ten Movies of This Awful Decade

10: Parasite

Print Wall PARASITE KOREA MOVIE POSTER Digital Art by Lestari Tedjo
With time, this will probably move higher

9: Her

Her - Movie Poster | Movie posters minimalist, Movie posters, Alternative movie  posters
The best movie on parasocial relationships.

8: Guardians of the Galaxy series POSTER STOP ONLINE Guardians of The Galaxy - Movie 24x36 Poster:  Posters & Prints

7: Looper LOOPER MOVIE POSTER 1 Sided ORIGINAL Advance 27x40 JOSEPH  GORDON-LEVITT BRUCE WILLIS: Prints: Posters & Prints
I loved this movie, fight me

6: Mad Max – Fury Road

Mad Max Fury Road Movie Poster " Greeting Card by ABrokeUniKid | Redbubble

and I don’t even LIKE horror movies

4: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) - IMDb
great movie, stunning animation, incredible art direction

3: Inception

Inception (2010) - IMDb
A hell of a ride. We have to go deeper.

2: Interstellar

Interstellar (2014) - IMDb
who knew a movie about climate change and betrayal could be so inspirational

1: Blade Runner 2049 BLADE RUNNER 2049 MOVIE POSTER 2 Sided ORIGINAL 27x40 RYAN  GOSLING RIDLEY SCOTT: Posters & Prints
a masterpiece that informs the original

Reading this I think you can take away I like spectacles usually created by Christopher Nolan. It’s a fair cop.

A Note From Your Author, The Hypocrite

2019: where I stop complaining about late-stage capitalism and its effects on gig workers long enough to have a coffee maker delivered to my doorstep same-day delivery thanks to a three-way conversation via IM so that family members won’t miss their caffeine ration tomorrow morning.

Try the Wine

“A Clockwork Orange” – like “Blazing Saddles” which came out that same year – is so transgressive and so invasive, you want to ignore it exists.

And yet, 45 years later, it is still relevant as hell. Not just relevant, but invasive. Awful. Horrible. It is not an easy watch. It does not reward you. It remains one of the best movies ever made. And even today, it remains not just relevant, but… forbidden. It goes there. Every time. And you think it might be pornographic – but it’s not. It’s so much worse.

One of the most awkward scenes. And bear in mind – this was filmed in 1971. This was in your face in every way possible. The tension in this scene, the knowledge, how everyone interacts… it’s so painful and so perfect. Kubrick was/remains a master of his art.

A Brief History of 30 Years of Objectification of Commander Deanna Troi

I’ve always enjoyed this cartoon flaying of Star Trek: The Next Generation (a show I dearly love) which among many other things called out the show for having a character who was a woman who was empathetic towards what other people felt as if she was some sort of SPACE WIZARD.

No photo description available.

Personally, I thought TNG nailed it when during “Chains of Command”, the asshole captain who took over temporarily took one look at her space-wizard outfit and said, “YOU WILL BE IN STANDARD UNIFORM ON MY BRIDGE” and she DID and for the REST OF THE SERIES she did (to the great relief of the actress, Marina Sirtis, who was really tired of having her own space leotard.)

Yet another legacy of Gene Roddenberry (who actually tried to write Ferengi as sex wizards) cast aside. For the better; not only is the character less objectified, but a regular uniform is also far more flattering.

A Brief History of Deanna Troi's Cleavage - The Geek Twins

And by the time Picard arrived to slam nostalgia over all our heads, she finally got to wear whatever the hell she wanted, the secret joy of every veteran.

Star Trek: The Next Generation cast reunites over video chat for Marina  Sirtis' birthday • GEEKSPIN