Election 2020: Voit-Kampff Testing, With Anderson Cooper

Trump speech: Was it right for TV networks to cut away from president's  press conference? | The Independent

Trump’s latest “press conference” (where he took no questions) ended early for most networks because they cut away to note “He’s lying, bro.” (Anderson Cooper went the furthest, waxing poetically about an “obese turtle on its back flailing in the hot sun”.)

His speech was listless and pro-forma. He referred to Biden by his name, not a snide nickname. Apparently someone finally explained to him today his calls to “STOP THE COUNT!!”, if followed, would mean Biden would win the election. His only hope at this point is to have votes overturned, and a lot of them, in multiple states.

We’re in the endgame and Trump has no Hail Mary planned, because that takes work. He will instead rage at his advisors as they slowly turn on him, and begin the next stage of this farce, which will be a lame-duck Trump doing as much damage as he can before he is frogmarched out of the building.