Iowa Caucus: What Could Go Wrong?

Watch company Shinola gets 2020 candidate Andrew Yang's endorsement

Listened to a bit of pre-Iowa political talk shows while stuck in traffic (hint: infrastructure in the US sucks, get on that, candidates):

Chris Matthews is UTTERLY TERRIFIED of a Sanders nomination and was just blithering random sentence fragments about Marxism that other hosts tried vainly to interpret. This probably means Sanders is winning in a rout tonight. Basically the question is who gets the 2nd and 3rd place tickets out (my guess is Warren and Buttigieg, the Biden campaign continues to melt down, and Klobuchar quits and doesn’t endorse anyone because that “Minnesota nice” act is just that)

Andrew Yang had the line of the morning, when, completely deadpan, he answered a question about supporting the eventual nominee with “Well, I donated to the Sanders campaign in the 2016 primaries and then later voted for Hillary Clinton in the general election because I’m pro-civilization.”