Quotes from Tonight’s Stellaris Multiplayer

Star Trek: New Horizons Compatibility Patch 2.6.1. : r/STNewHorizons

We’re using the Star Trek: New Horizons mod, which may explain these quotes. Or, you know. Not.

(me) “Hey, the Federation just rivalled me and closed their borders! …oh, they found out about all the genocide.”

“I kept sending my Breen pops to a 0% habitability planet. They always wear those masks! They’ll be fine!”

(me again) “Look, just because I invaded the Federation… ok, the current Federation President is a Vulcan, and I’m the Romulans. This is just a civil war, nothing to see here!”

“Why are you invading the Tamarians?” “Because they’re Federation allies and someone needs to protect them from the Romulan genocides!” (me) “I’m probably not going to kill everyone this time! I think I’ve got a handle on not doing that!”

“My Ferengi are equivalent to the Borg!” “Yes, that’s totally canon.”