I Don’t Like Beer

I am shocked, SHOCKED, that a background check lasting a week in an incredibly weaponized political environment failed to uncover relevant information.

And it wouldn’t have mattered, because in the end an unimpeachable witness – Dr. Ford – had her testimony counteracted by a weepy frat boy screaming at Senators about his love for beer and yet was confirmed anyway, because in the end it wasn’t about Kavanaugh, or Ford, or any of the doubtless dozens of women he and his cohort drunkenly shambled their way through in high school and college. It was about winning at any cost, and imposing a fading, reactionary, angry ideology on the generations that would follow.

There have been a lot of think pieces about Generation X recently, but really, the most GenX political figure of our time really is Brett Kavanaugh – someone whose entire career was built on trolling, who was promoted far beyond his level of competence, and when finally met with resistance and the consequence of his actions, furiously threw a temper tantrum at how unfair life is.

And it doesn’t matter, because he is but a pawn in the wider game of ensuring our democracy continues to be suborned to graft and theocracy.