He Just… Tweeted It Out There

Trump tweets U.S. not behind Iran's failed missile launch, sends country  'best wishes' - U.S. News - Haaretz.com

speculation on this tweet, in order of probability:

  • Trump did not write this tweet. Dan Scavino, his social media person, did. (This isn’t speculation, Trump can’t write complete sentences or attach pictures to tweets.)
  • This isn’t a satellite photo, but most probably something else (possibly the highly secret eternally flying X-37 spaceplane). Resolution is too high, angle is slightly off. (other possibilities: Global Hawk drone, an Israel F-35 flight) (and boy oh boy if we leaked Israeli intel AGAIN)
  • It’s a photo someone took of a intel briefing card. (you can see the camera flash and someone’s shadow, probably Scavino’s, in the center of the pic)
  • Given all the above, we may be looking at an extremely highly sensitive, top secret security briefing that Trump’s mooks promptly took a pic of and posted to Twitter to dunk on Iran with. Quite possibly, literally without consulting with or telling anyone.

    And that is HILARIOUS.

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