And A Thousand Blue Checkmarks On Twitter Held Their Breath

The Mueller Report: The Final Report of the Special Counsel into Donald  Trump, Russia, and Collusion: Mueller III, Robert S., U.S. Department of  Justice, Special Counsel's Office, Dershowitz, Alan: 9781510750166: Books

The Mueller Report is dropping this morning. It’s completely meaningless. Here’s why.

  • There are no charges within it we already don’t know about. The President and his aides are not going to be led out of the White House in cuffs, gifs to the contrary.
  • Your mind is not going to be changed by anything within. If you follow most mainstream news sources, you already know that Trump is a unique combination of corrupt and stupid. So not only does he commit dozens of crimes constantly (directing Federal budget money and foreign bribes to his personal business interests, mainly) he keeps track of them via a MYCRIMES.TXT file on Jared Kushner’s laptop. This is not a particularly secretive administration – if anything they seem perversely proud of being corrupt.
  • Or failing that, if you’re part of the 30% of Trump’s core support you think everyone is lying because they’re lying liberals who lie because Trump said so. Any ‘disclosures’ today are just more liberal lies.
  • Again, this will not result in Trump’s removal from office. There is an argument that Trump should be impeached mainly because of, well, MYCRIMES.TXT and the historical record, but even then the Senate would block removal. And that’s fine. Because…
  • In a year and a half, we will hold an election. This traditionally is how we get rid of bad Presidents. It works really well! And Trump will almost certainly lose. And if he doesn’t, our country has many more problems than a Mueller Report describes.

So ignore the drama today. Consider it a tiny revolution.