Evil’s Voice, This Week

Ban of New Zealand mosque killer’s manifesto sparks debate over free speech – 9News, Australia

I read it. I’m a wannabe intelligence analyst, so I came at it from that perspective.

It’s far-right-wing racist trash, but I don’t think banning it accomplishes much. It’s certainly not unique other than its author is uniquely horrible. It’s far more coherent (and shorter) than Anders Breivik’s bizarre overwrought love poem to the Templars. It doesn’t explain anything that would prompt the shooter to make his life’s work killing everyone in two small places of worship. And yes, a significant portion of it was intentional trolling/shitposting as the Bellingcat analysis noted, but cruicially, only the parts left as catnip for credulous media (such as the odd Candace Owens callout and the “I’m actually a follower of the People’s Republic of China” line). His autobiographical portion reads as a disassociated wanderer who chose to blame cultural diversity for his largely unstated problems with life.

Banning it in New Zealand serves the same function as why Germany bans Mein Kampf. No real logical reason, but as the focus of a national trauma, understandable.