Forum Moderation Taken To A New Something

This is why we play computer games.

Be careful if you complain on Bioware forums about EA, or you may find that Dragon Age 2 DVD is so much shiny hurlock metal.

We’ve seen Arno’s correspondence with BioWare, and it’s fair to say that he’s not been as controlled as he could have been. While there’s been no abuse or inappropriate language, he’s certainly cocky. BioWare’s response so far has been to repeatedly state the rules to Arno, with a moderator explaining to him,

“It’s not like you get to pick and choose your own punishment when you break the rules. The various punishments, up to and including permanent bans, EA account termination, and loss of access to entitlements, is very clearly laid out and is part of the rules you agreed to follow and be governed by.”

I can’t wait until I’m blocked from entering bars for getting into arguments on Facebook!

So the takeaway for now: if you don’t want to get cut off with your digital romance with a dusky pirate lass, keep your opinions about racial diversity in Kirkwall to yourself.

EDIT: Oh wait, he’s not banned any more. Thanks, Internet outrage!

So there you go then. A strange one indeed, after he was told by both EA’s live support, and the moderator who locked the thread discussing the matter (who declined to speak to us), the opposite. But good news for Arno, who can finally play the game he’s paid for.