Eve Players: Strictly For The Headstrong, Only For The Hardcore

This never seems to happen in WoW.

In Eve, if you run an RMT shop, Eve players WILL TOTALLY HAX0R YOUR GIBSON.

Based in Chişinău, the capital of Moldova, Iskbank.com has been operating in its current incarnation since December of 2009, and claims to have been in operation for three years prior. The owner and primary operator of the site is known as Vadim, although it’s impossible to know if there is any relation to the Eve character of the same name. Records indicate that Iskbank.com has somewhere between 2 and 5 employees, although this is only an estimate. They appear to also operate eveisk.ru, a Russian-language mirror of Iskbank.com.

Oh, and a list of every character who’s bought ISK from them. BAM!

The RMT shop has a spokesman (really?) who denies everything (really!) but Evenews24 is on the case:

While we can understand why Iskbank.com would refuse to confirm the data we received, EveNews24 staff spent a great deal of time talking to customers whose names were on this list. The vast majority of those we spoke to confirmed that they were Iskbank.com customers. Some of their stories will be told tomorrow. In the mean time, we stand by our story.


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