I wasn’t terribly fond of Itaewon. It struck me as Tourist Seoul; there were a LOT of American tourists and servicemen there. A huge US Army base was nearby, with concertina wire along the walls and patrolled by humorless Korean soldiers in black uniforms and truncheons as large as (and about the same shape as) two handed swords.


I couldn’t pass any of these shops without a hawker out front yelling at me in broken English. Most of them were selling suits. “Want to buy a suit? Almost like free!”


I’m told Itaewon is more exciting at night, but I was also told by others that the sort of excitement Itaewon is known for isn’t really recommended for married men. The sort of thing that regrettably pops up anywhere US servicemen do. Yay for diplomacy. Hey, look, local restaraunts! (Outback in particular is really popular in Seoul, as is Bennigan’s and TGIFridays.)


So as you can probably tell Itaewon kinda depressed me so I started wandering off.


Right about here I realized I had no idea where I was.


Yay for transit maps!


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