Here’s an idea posted on the message board that I wholeheartedly agree with it. I like to call it “Give Murm A Catapult”. As Murm sez:

Give me a catapult that works in UO and I will solve all the housing overcrowding problems.

I promise you there will be very few houses standing in UO within 12 hours of the initial “giving of Murm a catapult”.

Why does it have to be me getting the catapult?
Well, better me than you.

What would I do with the catapult?

Would I be fair and objective?
No, probably not.

What ammunition would my catapult need?
Mules with their packs full of purple potons (they ain’t called “throwaway” characters for nuttin)

What would be the first thing I destroyed?

Why would I destroy Britain?

How many houses could I destroy in a day?
Dunno, how many are there?

Could anyone else use my catapult.


It works for me, and it can work for you. Something to think about on patch day.

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