Blogging Is Hard! Domains Are Harder!

After some billing-related domain shenanigans we’re back online. Note however that I almost never post here because, um, who blogs any more? (Ignore Damion, he’s a throwback.)

Most of my ramblings can be found on Facebook which you are welcome to follow but I don’t really usually have much to say there these days either. Most of my creative writing of late is going into my day job which I think we can all say is a good thing.


One thought on “Blogging Is Hard! Domains Are Harder!

  1. Vetarnias says:

    Would these domain shenanigans, by any chance, involve a certain ‘consumer revolt’ that’s also a hashtag and an ethics movement?

    Glad to see the old blog is still around. (Also curious: what happened to your previous post about Derek Smart a few months ago? I’d swear it went missing for a while, even though the rest of your blog was still here.)

    And yeah, I’m not on Facebook, so I don’t think I can read you there.

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