Rumor: WH40K MMO Cancelled, THQ Prepares For Liquidation Sale

Nothing more than rumor at this point.

Kotaku detailing above leak:

The Vigil-developed THQ-published MMO has had a very long and by all accounts troubled development history but was closing in on eventual release. However it’s rapidly becoming clear that the space for sub-$100M budget releases by large publishers is becoming very tiny indeed.

Update: THQ denies the rumor.


16 thoughts on “Rumor: WH40K MMO Cancelled, THQ Prepares For Liquidation Sale

  1. Sinij says:

    Stop cloning DIKU, if you can’t differentiate yourself in a fundamental way or feature-match existing DIKU don’t even bother trying.

    Your DIKU development choices are:

    1. Outspend ToR and push another mega-budget monster
    2. Push out F2P shovelware and hope someone pays for something, but that becomes increasingly unlikely due to F2P competition.

  2. MCL says:

    Agreed with Diku comment.  Grab another late 20th century design paradigm and gimme my 3-d sandbox MUSH and plop me in an iso tank and feed me through a tube.

    Killin guys and takin their stuff has been done to death.

    It surprises me that GW has such little gumption in their products.  They seem able to organize global table top events that are meaningful most every summer (or did in the past).  They know how to run branching campaigns and map based campaigns.  They know how to toss you into a phone booth with a bag full of guns and slug it out.  They know story they know action they know (sorta) balanced game mechanics.

    Show me this in a GW licensed game:

    No leveling
    No gear farming
    Gear modification and R&D, ie “War Gear”
    Territory control
    Skirmish to strategic level ground and space combat
    Build your own chapter or battle group
    AI Squad buddies in number from 5 to 10 per player
    Real death
    You hop in any squad member you control to run first person
    Training and development of your recruits
    Base building

    Do that GW and in 10 years people will be asking “Wasn’t there this one game people used to play that was based on that stupid 1990’s Orcs vs Humans RTS?”


    Oh, and a tractor:

    • John Smith says:

      Damn those know-nothing armchair designers. Why won’t they silently accept the 150th reiteration of the exact same system?
      How dare they expect developers to do more work as their publishers charge them more and more money for their products. What a completely unrealistic and selfish desire! They should just quit playing games all together so we can recycle all our previous work over and over and force feed it to children instead! It worked for other genres, you can work for us too! Helll while we are at it, why do we employ developers in the first place? Just rebox some of the old stuff and attach an extra digit to it’s name, the kids will never know the difference.

  3. Stabs says:

    Add me to the diku bandwagon. Now I like diku games in moderation but as Bartle said to the independent game developers your only selling point is the risks you can take. Making a wow-clone with a 40K skin and a low (-ish) budget simply won’t work. Even SWTOR for all the lavish spending they did on it is a game that may not succeed as it wants.

    Diku is about content consumption. A game like Chess is about content repetition. In fact tabletop WH40K is about repetition, it’s not like you toss your soldiers into the bin after each match. Let us replay stuff, don’t level us out of content and leave us bored.

  4. John says:

    All I want is WH40K with nude women with big tities. If you can’t give the fanbase that then don’t bother wasting investors money!

  5. Wyrm says:

    I’ve been playing every fucking piece of crap the industry puts out… I’ve leveled characters in moew virtual lands than I’ve been to real ones and I do travel every friggin year…

    The way I see it, the industry owns me my 40K. DIKU, MUSH, , i don’t care. I WANT TO LIVE WHERE THERE IS ONLY WAR!!

    sorry, forgot the meds today…

  6. Shannon Martin says:

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  7. taolurker says:

    Pretty sure this goes here

    Rumors of THQ’s recent round of layoffs apparently understated the
    issue. In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission today,
    THQ said that its restructuring plan to get out of licensed kids’ games
    will result in the layoffs of “up to 240 selling, general, and
    administrative personnel worldwide.” 

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