Blizzard Announces RealID 2.0: What We Should Have Done The First Time

Welcome to BattleTags, otherwise known as “how every other unified IM service works”.

A BattleTag is a unified, player-chosen nickname that will identify you across all of – in Blizzard Entertainment games, on our websites, and in our community forums. Similar to Real ID, BattleTags will give players on a new way to find and chat with friends they’ve met in-game, form friendships, form groups, and stay connected across multiple Blizzard Entertainment games.


7 thoughts on “Blizzard Announces RealID 2.0: What We Should Have Done The First Time

  1. Rodalpho says:

    Good to see that they’re no longer bizarrely trying to compete with facebook and instead choosing to concentrate on gaming.

  2. Yay!  About time indeed.

    And this may even matter some time in 2012 when they actually have 3 games on and so might have a bit more cross-over between player bases.  I don’t get the sense that there is a lot of overlap between WoW and SC2.

  3. Sinij says:

    Every time I see old WoW Real ID friends (and I was _really_ selective who I added) pop I regret ever adding them. Someone I was close friends to in WoW is not necessary someone I want to talk to in SC2 or every other game from now on.  I don’t think I am in majority on this one.

  4. Kirika says:

    How is this news? The BattleTag thing sounds like it works the exact same way as Starcraft II character names (with the exception that it’s for your “entire” account)

    @Sinij: That’s exactly the point of RealID friends. If you just want to talk to them in WoW, add them as WoW friends…

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