24 thoughts on “Now That’s A Veteran Reward

  1. Rathwirt says:

    Bold. I like it, especially since you still don’t have to pay the whole annual amount at once. It’s more like a phone contract with “free” stuff subsidized by it. Great idea.

  2. wowzolo says:

    OH that is a good deal.  The problem is I don’t have time.  I have maybe 10 movies I want to watch (only $1/mv), yet I don’t have time to watch any.  Gone are the days of when I drawn in free time and was bored most of the time 🙁

  3. OK silly question, my account is not active, but it seems as though the only way I can sign up for the “annual pass” is to reopen my account (sign up for like 1 month reoccuring at $14.99), and THEN I can commit to the 12 month thing. So does that mean I have to commit to 13 months? Little confused.

    Cool deal though. I assume this is just Blizzards way of saying, “hey, you were gonna quit wow for D3, but how bout this… you play wow for another year and we’ll let you play D3 when you’re raiding!”

  4. A Man In Black says:

    I was wondering how Blizzard was going to reconcile pushing an F2P MMO at the time time as their subscription MMO. Now I know.

  5. The cynic in me says “ok, anything to stop the hemorrhage of subscriptions in WoW” (lapsus from CM hinted at yet another big drop during the summer break).

    The fact that they’re sacrificing what amounts to almost sure sales to get people to commit to WoW is a bit worrying, business-wise. The D3 digital version was probably going to be something like 40-50$. So, essentially, they expected to lose more than 50$ from “your” subscription (i.e. 4-5 months out of your yearly subscription). The Q3 losses must be greater than I envisioned.

  6. gx1080 says:

    An expansion based on a joke race is a STUPID idea. They basically ran out of baddies to kill.

    Was about goddamn time than WoW’s decline started. If only to erase the smile on Bobby Kotick’s face.

    • On a more serious note, the offer is really only that enticing for people who already play WoW. I quit playing WoW back in April and let my subscription run out a month ago. If I was still playing, I’d obviously go for the annual plan. Because, hey, I’m unlikely to buy Diablo III as it is (the click-fest loot-fest design bores me to tears).

      But since I don’t play WoW anymore, and this new expansion (for some of its great features, like challenge modes and scenarios) isn’t going to bring me back (and they have the fact that it’s pandaren-themed to thank for that). And if I do decide to buy D3, because maybe the story turns out to be better than a Diablo story usually is, or maybe because the game play is a whole lot better than it was in D2, there’s no way in hell I’d pay $90-130 more for a year of WoW. Especially when I’ll already be paying for a subscription to SWTOR (a game with a theme I’m already more inclined to invest in).

  7. gx1080 says:

    Now, I checked with more details the “features” and wow:

    *6 talent points for 90 levels: “Playing catch up with the fuckers at Elitist Jerks is too hard, so fuck it!”
    *Pet battles: “Pokeymans! And stuff to pour on the cash shop”
    *Kung-fu Panda….nuff said.

    Besides the sheer stupid in here, they aren’t trying anymore. They going F2P would have been less painful to watch…and is probably coming anyways when this expansion fails on 2012-2013. Called it.

  8. Lyram says:

    I haven’t seem much mention about how Orientalist Pandaria seems to be.  I wonder if some Asian Al Sharpton will take notice.

    • Vajarra says:

      Well, I haven’t seen anybody complain about the appalling “Noble Savage” type mish-mash of native american culture from the Tauren. Besides me, that is.

      • gx1080 says:

        Chinese people seem to not like despictions of Pandas getting killed.

        So, their version of WoW will forbid Pandaraen to participate on PvP. Or, more likely, Blizz will just grease hands with goverment officers and it will go through, as usual.

  9. Guys, you do know why Blizz is giving Diablo away for free, right? They stand to make so, so much more money on the cut from the Auction House in the aggregate that losing, say, $40 from the box sales is peanuts in the long run. Couple that with the ability to prevent people from jumping ship to TOR (and to a lesser extent, maybe GW2) and this is an absolutely genius move from a gameplay perspective that no other studio could pull off.

  10. Peanut says:

    I quit cataclysm back in March when the guild started moving into heroics…. 2 expansions of grinding through raids was enough.  It’s a shame they dropped the Ulduar-style of heroics, flipping a switch in the interface is stupid.  I guess I’m in the minority that Pandaria actually looks interesting and fun to me, more light-hearted like TBC was.  The diablo deal convinced me to go ahead and sign back up (but avoid raids like the plague still….)

    • gx1080 says:

      Two days after, I warmed a little to Pandas.

      Still doesn’t change that this is the laziest expansion around and is because Ghostcrawler really fucking hates the guys at Elitist Jerks.

      • A Man In Black says:

        Why shouldn’t he hate that forums that explain how the game is played have to exist? It means the game is pointlessly overcomplicated or badly documented. Or both.

  11. Nerd Gone Bad says:

    It really is a great veteran reward for those playing WoW already, and Blizzard is probably one of the few developers who can afford to give away a game that’s probably been in development for what, 5+ yrs?, for free.  The contrast and showing just how much money this company has made from WoW alone is just shocking.  But ultimately it probably does stand to make them more money than the $50 box price anyway.  Good move.

    I am actually kinda surprised that they are basing an expansion off something that was an April Fools joke to them.  Will all my macho-straight-friends suddenly wake-up one day and say “holy shiiit…i’m playing a Furry-MMO, I’ve turned into a pre-teen asian grrl!”

    I still think all Blizzard Entertainment will move towards a single subscription model that gives acccess to all their games (including the new MMO).  Perhaps with bonuses for the normally free-to-play stuff.  They know there’s gold in the subscription model while still being able to make money from a cash-shop at the same time, why not double-dip!

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