CCP Lays Off 120, Announces Refocus On Eve, World Of Darkness Delayed Amid Staff Cuts


At CCP we have been working hard to expand the gaming landscape by applying the knowledge and expertise we’ve built up with EVE Online to create a new experience within the EVE Universe in DUST 514, as well as a new video game franchise in World of Darkness.

During the last few months, as evidenced by our interaction with the community, we made some missteps on that journey.

As we reexamine our outward relations, we are also taking time to reevaluate our internal goals. In doing so, we have come to the conclusion that we are attempting too many things for a company our size. Developing EVE expansions, DUST 514 and World of Darkness has stretched our resources too thin.

More detail here.


11 thoughts on “CCP Lays Off 120, Announces Refocus On Eve, World Of Darkness Delayed Amid Staff Cuts

  1. Well, it is obvious, when you realize that you are spread too thin, the first reaction is to layoff people. That way you can spread resources even more ! Sounds like Wall Street math to me.

  2. Theliel says:

    Sadly they had drained the table top division (which generated all that sweet, sweet IP in the first place) of the best and brightest and they *might* get to come back on occasion as freelancers.
    Basically the WoD mmo was taking too long and most of the design work was done, so time to gut the division.

  3. gx1080 says:


    Funny. I have a very, very low opinion of the White Wolf design team. Mostly for their habit to put repulsive things on their books, which include: Bestiality, Paedophilia, Cretinist rants, etc. on their search to be loledgy.

    • Theliel says:

      Which WW? they’ve been writing for over 20 years now and there’s been….turn over in staff and writing designs.
      There are owod books which are beyond painful reading these days either from cultural insensitivity (I’m looking at you Giovanni [our super sekkrit plan to cause 100,000,000 deaths is to crash the world financial system. I’m not kidding. also we’re clan mobbed up and italian.], gypsies, KotE) to anti-science screeds that your average Teahaddist would whackoff too (Hi Mage 1st and 2nd [hint: Science is BAD and the reason we can’t have flying cars is because The MAN won’t let it be so] and Changeling: The Dreaming [math is banal. which is worse than death. So is every 2nd grade teacher which made you learn math. Or that accountant that wants you to actually make enough money before they give you a loan. And scientists with their facts..]) but then there’s work done in recent years (Damnation City, the new Clan Books, All of Changeling: Lost) that holds up to any of the prior brilliance.

      The…..misstepps of the ‘classic’ WoD (branding change because they’re publishing 20th anniversary products as the milestones roll around) are covered pretty well on but one of the main complaints of the NWoD is that it is dryer and too grown up. Of course the fact that this makes it more Gameable and less Readable is a feature not a bug in my eyes. But then I don’t by RPGs to read, same as I don’t purchase MMOs to read the lore.

      Still – soft landings to everyone affected. Sucks that CCP had to binge/purge like that.

  4. Ajeba says:

    Although it’s very difficult to discern the difference between a teen girl and a gay man in a WoD Live Action game most nights.

    Seriously though, don’t they know it’s all about the vampires this year?¬† GO GO TEAM JACOB!

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