A Brief Programming Note

I’ve moved on from my position at NCsoft and am now a design lead with these guys.

Hopefully will have more to share on what I’m working on soon. For now, just leave the LUM SOLD OUT notes right here!


17 thoughts on “A Brief Programming Note

  1. Boanerges says:

    It’s Pirate ChainSWORD. Get it right or no freebies for you.
    And you don’t need to share anything. This whiteboard says just about all there is to say. Clearly, chainswords will be involved to remove extra appendages.

    And as for selling out… well, I don’t see an EA games logo anywhere so I say cool!

  2. Vetarnias says:

    A phallic symbol is a phallic symbol, regardless of how it is spelt (or, for that matters, whether it requires gasoline).

    Besides, it seems to be a PSN game, and I’m not into consoles, so sorry Lum, I won’t get to trash it in your comments when it comes out.

  3. Guildrum says:

    I think old Maynard from Tool has the right idea about what to say when someone accuses you of “selling out”

    All you know about me is what I’ve sold you,

    Dumb fuck.

    I sold out long before you ever even heard my name.

    I sold my soul to make a record,

    Dip shit,

    And then you bought one.

  4. Weren’t you a contractor at NCSoft?  My experience doing contract work has always been less than great: no benefits, no unemployment insurance, equal or maybe a little more pay than people with permanent jobs, etc…

    At least you got to leave on your terms!

    • John Smith says:

       Good to hear, have you developed psychic powers and/or hallucinations due to multiple-direct contacts with the soul-crushing warp region known as NCSOFT? If so, you are mandatory required to voluntarily report yourself to your local chaplain for examination and termination. To not do so is heresy, and heresy is punishable by death.

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