The Engine Was Just Sitting There!

Bioware Mythic announces Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes, which was originally titled Warhammer Online: Battlegrounds And That’s It Because You Gits Have The Attention Span Of A Tsetse Fly And We Added A Third Side Because DAOC Battlegrounds Were Pretty Fun That Way And This Title Is Really Long We Should Change It.

So if you played Warhammer Online and thought “you know, I really liked the battlegrounds, but not enough to pay a monthly sub, but maybe enough to pay extra for a +4 Sword Of Swordening”, this is your thing.

My fervent hope is that the all-important “kill the dude with the thing” gameplay remains intact.

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  1. Three Factions.  Hell. Yes.  This is what I’ve been saying from the start, way back in beta.  That they tried to do RvR with only two factions was a mistake of epic proportions.  Of course, it’s less important in the battlegrounds and moreso in open RvR in the persistent world, but it’s a start.  

  2. I would not at all be shocked if this hurts WAR far more then helps it, as Mythic would like some to believe. Three sided combat, being no longer based off level, gear, or renown rank and mostly skill… Things players of WAR have been asking for since BETA.

    Pity instead of actually trying to fix their game with these items, Mythic decided just to ride the LoL/DotA popularity train.

  3. After looking into it a little more closely, it looks kind of like League of Legends/DOTA/Heroes of Newerth but in the Warhammer engine and with 3 teams instead of 2…  I’ve heard many a worse idea.  I’d like to check it out, so I signed up.

  4. If they’d just called it Warhammer: Kill the Dude with the Thing, their marketing campaign would have been far more successful.

  5. I’m wondering why they bothered branding it. Warhammer Online is only a millstone around its neck. If they’d called it Blood and Slaying Online and gone with a slightly altered art look they would probably get more customers as well as not having to pay a licence fee.

  6. This is cool. I played the game in beta and hated it, but always said I’d go back if it ever went free. It can’t hurt to try again!

  7. You know whats weird.

    “World of Tanks” has basically 2 controls

    Yet the there is infinitely more depth to the PVP in WOT battle grounds than in avatar based based battle grounds despite them having 100s of attack skills, spells, buffs and heals..

  8. Hmm, that just might work, but I don’t think it bodes well for what is left of the original WAR we all knew and ignored.

    As for World of Tanks, amazing how some used to mock the premise, but it seems to be doing quite allright, unlike 90% of AAA MMO’s on the market now.

  9. WoT is ok, if a little simplistic (and the name sucks).

    Gonna go in a wild and say that either GW or, most likely, EA said no to the idea of making WAR F2P. *I* would play it again if they did so, I mean, I’m playing Champions Online (Archetypes are limited, but the game is so much more engaging than WoW).

    Also, developing content for a third faction is a massive stretch.

  10. You think WOT game play is more simplistic that “kill the guy with the thing.”

    I played WAR – we didnt spend much time on tactics or thinking out our next move – we attacked “the guy with the thing” if we wanted to win.

    WOT requires requires ythat you process a huge amount of cenerios and plan and adjust non-stop. And it massively rewards advanced team work.

    • You want to know why?  No healing, no respawns.  Whenever you get shot, that is health you will NEVER* get back.

      *until the round ends and you can repair your tank.

  11. I’m always skeptic of people that claim that their pet game requieres a lot of “tactics” and “strategy”.

    But then, what I have heard of WoT is that you can just snipe things like a boss and ignore most other stuff, just like an FPS.

    • Try the game rather using the “stuff you heard” I mean try it enough that you learn the game.

      But then I would have to say BF 2142 and especially Planetside have way more tactics than any MMO if you are actually trying to win a map as opposed to just getting a high kill count.

      If you play for personal stats You can remove the tactics from most games. If you play for team victories – thats when you can compare the level of tactics required.